Requires Special Attention

Call for Republicans to Stop the Personal Attacks Against our President

For everyone in America who was happy with the direction America was taking in the 21st century by the election of our first African American president.  We are asking that you join in, to inform, the Republican party, to choose other methods, other than, to wage personal attacks against our president, to exercise their democratic rights.

Please contact the Republican National Committee , 310 First Street, Washington, D.C. 20003, phone 202 863-8500 | fax 202 863-8820.

We are, particularly, asking those who vote as Indendepents, to be the front runners in this campaign.

Additional sources of contact.  Feel free to input yours…


2 responses to “Requires Special Attention

  1. Tech Talker

    Where is Michael Steele’s direct line telephone number. That should be broadcast far and wide. I will start with the general RNC. We should blitz them with email and telephone calls.

  2. Outsource

    Just when our reputation, world-wide, was improving and now this. Caught Jimmy Carter on the news today stating it is blatant racism. As if we didn’t already know that. But, I am glad someone stopped pretending like they did not notice the elephant in the room dancing. Will write and call everyone on this site. Once, they understand we will not just sit back and listen to this crap. Maybe they will stop. They will have to, because the phone will keep ringing non-stop.

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