Welcome to Hit’em in the Wallet.  Ouch, where it hurts.  Post your comments, issues and concerns, to organize change.    We welcome petitions, campaigns and pursuing issues.  People start blogging with purpose!

Here’s our chance America

You ask for it, and you got it!  Tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching things happen, jump in and boycott, email, telephone, fax and write.  Collectively, we can make a difference.  This is the start page for  those who care enough to make the tough calls and stick their necks out, for the betterment of others.  Just post your campaigns, concerns, issues and comments here, especially, when you see or hear news you don’t like.  Let everyone know of  someone who needs to be, “hit in the wallet“.  It’s your world, so take control of it, for change.

Send email to: undeclaredvote@gmail.com


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