It is About Time

As human beings, we all, come into this world through birth and go out through death. 

What really matters is what we individually do with our time in between.  Time is the equalizer.

While you can spend your time allowing others to dictate the quality of your life, for the period between the beginning of your life and death. Or, you can join in with others who value their time, and, take control of what your quality of life equals up to. 

Our time on earth can be brief, so why not make the best use of it each day? 

Nobody, not even our lawmakers or captains of industry, etc. knows how much time we or they have, yet, they spend each day maximizing their time to live life to the fullest, sometimes at your expense. 

You can help others, focus on finance, education or gamble your future away by putting it into someone else’s hands to dictate; escape through drugs, digital or virtue realities–or, you can hone in and focus in on maximizing your time.

For those experiencing an endless limousine ride to your private plane at someone else’s expense, you realize your time is of essence.  It is the only commodity we can not get back once it is loss.  You know you can always make more money but you can not, when it is all said and done, buy more time. Time waits for no man and no man can afford to wait for time.   What you do with your time can make life better or worst.

While you are ringing in the New Year celebrating the time gone by in 2009 or for this decade, remember, first item on your list for 2010 should be maximizing your time. 

You have the next innovation, advocacy, business, career or job opportunity for yourself or someone else, in your mind and right at your finger tips. 

Every man, woman and child can create something out of nothing.  Our planet has evolved utilizing that methodology.  Just envision it and plan to make it happen–do it in your time.

-Happy New Year


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  1. AunTee

    What’s up with the snow balls falling through or over the text on this article?

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