2010, the American Citizen Protection Act

What’s amazing is that most Americans believe the outsourcing of american jobs to cheaper labor markets in India and China along with corporate gaming caused the collapse of our financial system.  Equally corporate America believes that the outsourcing has made companies more competitive and profitable.

The first group, American citizens rely on their salaries to be able to buy goods and services, and, businesses think making their products more inexpensively overseas makes them more affordable to the Americans who purchase them.  Without money however no goods or services can be purchased.

Hence, we are where we are today.  Government is doing everything they can to get citizens to support the economy so it can return to its once free-flowing state.  The failure of government is they just don’t get American citizens have less money and no financial security.  The financial prospectus of America changes daily prompting citizens to hold on tighter to whatever resources they still possess. 

We are watching our fellow country men falling like dominos hitting the streets in record numbers, jobless and homeless.  Makes no sense to purchase new stainless steel appliances when you could lose your job and house like many other Americans who are now standing in unemployment lines, living in storage units, cheap motels or sleeping on the streets of our nation.  

Holiday shopping seems like a total waste of money when you think ahead to 2010 and no one has any idea which way the financial wind will blow.  The best gift we can give our families is a consistent roof over their heads.

With so much uncertainty looming or lurching in the background Americans have short  political fuses as well.  We bounce back and forth to electing parties in office that have once let us down because we have loss interest in turning up at the polls in record numbers to vote any of these politicians into office. 

No American political party is for the people, it just sounds good in their political speeches. 

Their first loyalty is upholding the system, it does not matter how well or poorly it is operating.  Second loyalty is to their big money campaign donors this helps to keep the process ongoing.  Third and least, the American people–who else would they give their flowery speeches too or receive adulation from? 

So where will you be on the financial and political totem pole come 2010?

  1. Unemployed
  2. On food stamps
  3. Running for office
  4. In holiday purchasing or credit card debt
  5. Foreclosed on
  6. In student loan debt
  7. Protesting at tea parties
  8. Stressing about retaining your employment
  9. Continuously writing congress
  10. Boycotting elections
  11. Marching on Washington
  12. Looking for employment opportunities
  13. Retiring without a plan
  14. In-sourcing or outsourcing jobs
  15. Starting a business
  16. Living on the streets of our nation

Where America, where will you be in 2010?

Who is Up for Re-Election?

435 house seats (23 toss up races, those with limited risk of losing approx. 73 and 18 with pretty good odds) and approx. 34 senate seats in the 2010 elections.  The complete House of Reps 2010 Election List.  For a more detailed look at the 2010 Election.  Looking for a job here are political Vacancies and Seats in Transition.  Or, if you want to be a game changer here is a Political Atlas

Considered safe Senate Seats for Republicans…

Alabama Richard C. Shelby  Hot topics-Acorn, dependence on foreign oil, budget, mortgage crisis, oppose to government run health care 
Hot topic-Energy efficiency, SBA Regulations, opposes government run health care, ANWR drilling Lisa Murkowski Alaska
Arizona John McCain Hot topics-War, rail transportation security, no new taxes on cell phones, native American tribe crime control, lobbying regulations, federal election campaign reform, opposed to government run health care
Hot topics-Bring tax relief, strengthen America’s military,war on terror,  a smaller and more accountable federal government, Improve our schools through choice and accountability, reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in Georgia Johnny Isakson  Georgia
 Idaho Michael D. Crapo Hot topics-agriculture, federal monetary policy, urban development and identity theft prevention, reducing federal debt, opposes government run health care.
Hot topics-DOJ to submit semi-annual reports regarding settlements relating to false claims and fraud against the  Government, federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic safety, prohibitions on money laundering, whistleblower protections, the revocation of an alien’s visa or other documentation is not subject to judicial review, agrees improvements need to be made in health care. Charles E. Grassley  Iowa
 Kansas Sam Brownback Hot topics-Acorn, opposes Sudan policy, Applauds Launch of Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, Tort reform to help bring down costs of health care, tax-free health savings accounts, TARP Returns Should Pay Down Debt, Getting Tough on Iran
Hot topics-The Patients’ Choice Act of 2009, protecting Americans for violent crime, federal funding accountability, explanation of constitutional authority. Tom Coburn  Oklahoma
 South Carolina Jim DeMint  Hot topics-an amendment to the United States Constitution that would apply term limits to all members of Congress, limiting U.S. Representatives to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms in office, prevent terrorist detainees being held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba from being transferred to U.S. soil, border security, family values.
Hot topics-to allow citizens to carry concealed firearms, under the Medicare program to provide incentives for home health agencies to utilize home monitoring and communications technologies, to amend the Clean Air act to prohibit the issuance of permits under title V of that Act for certain emissions from agricultural production, A bill to require the Secretary of the Treasury to use any amounts repaid by a financial institution that is a recipient of assistance under the TARP for debt reduction. John Thune  South Dakota
 Utah Robert F. Bennett Hot topics-fiscal policy consisting of low taxes and restrained federal spending, clean energy ending dependency on foreign oil, the Healthy Americans Act


Considered safe Senate Seats for Democrats…

Hot topics-environment keep air and water clean,access to quality, affordable health care,  homeland security, community policing,  the economy strengthen both California’s economy and America’s. Barbara Boxer California 
 Hawaii Daniel K. Inouye Hot topics-employer mandated health-care, the third longest serving Senator in U.S. history today, fact finding mission on Afghanistan and Pakistan, forged or supported industries in astronomy, high-technology, the military complex, research, agriculture and education.
Hot topics-stop wasteful spending, american innovation, Iran sanctions, smart grid, middle class relief, jobs. Evan Bayh Indiana
 Maryland Barbara A. Mikulski Hot topics-appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science, and Related Agencies for the fiscal year ending 2010, reduce waste and abuse at the Department of Commerce, additional emergency unemployment compensation, To eliminate funding for Public Telecommunications Facilities, Planning and Construction.
Hot topics-Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Renewable Energy Economic Development, everybody Wins! DC Power Lunch Youth Mentoring and Reading Program, centralize health care data, improve transparency and accountability, unemployment Insurance benefits extension. Paul G. Kirk Jr. Massachusetts
 New York Charles E. Schumer Hot topics-H1N1 crisis, vet homelessness, homeland security, arrest, and convict Medicaid and Medicare scam artists, allow SEC to retain fees it collects, domestic violence.
Hot topics-agriculture and trade policies that stand up for the economic interests of our producers,  keep passengers safe as they fly the nation’s skies, safety, efficiency and reliability,  ensure that law enforcement agencies, firefighters, and other first responders have the equipment and personnel they need to keep our communities safe, troops get resources, creating good-paying jobs at home. Byron L. Dorgan North Dakota
 Oregon Ron Wyden Hot topics-appropriations, returning fiscal sanity to government, congressional ethics, eliminate the practice of secret “holds,” which some Senators had used to anonymously block legislation and nominations from reaching the Senate floor, long-term comprehensive national energy policy, change the law so that veterans receive both the retired and disability payments that they have earned.
Hot topics-health care reform and fraud, economic recovery, housing crisis,  Afghanistan/Pakistan policy, energy, new and creative ideas for energy sources and conservation techniques. Patrick J. Leahy  Vermont
 Washington Patty Murray Hot topics-meaningful health care reform, create jobs, get our economy moving, bring federal funding home, health services for women, fight gang violence.
Hot topics-jobs, slash deficit, curb wasteful spending, foreign relations, intelligence. Russ Feingold Wisconsin

Instead of complaining about what’s wrong in your world, do something. Take action & get results. 

  • Outline Your Objective
  • Target Your Audience
  • Disseminate Your Material
  • Further Your Agenda (call, write, fax, email & appear)
  • Be Persistent

Don’t wait for it to happen, make it happen!  

All the rules and regulations that govern your life is someone else’s cause.  The only difference between you and your elected officials is…they ran for office to further their agenda.

Gone are the days, when one person in our community would take responsibility for the fate of, us all.  We are each accountable for what happens next.  We can set the tone for what will and won’t be acceptable in our individual communities, thus, affecting the national stance of our overall community.  Please, when you act, do it without using gimmicks that diminish the message.



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8 responses to “2010, the American Citizen Protection Act

  1. Katie

    I heard today that there will be many more foreclosures in 2010 and job losses. The where will you be list gives you something to think about.

  2. Dan E

    I’m not shopping for this holiday season the family will just have to understand. Mostly the wife will explain to the kids. Every time I go to work I am nervous I will be next to get the ax. These are scary uncertain times.

  3. Terri McIntire

    I’ve noticed that congress is putting in a little more work this year then usual. Now I understand why. Normally by now, in a non upcoming election year they are already talking recess.

  4. fadetowhite

    I heard about the no buy day on another site. With the boycotting of black friday word being out i have noticed not a lot of emphasis being put on that day except for Walmart, after the fiasco last year. Wasn’t too smart of them to remind us someone died shopping for junk. Come to think of it not too much mention of Thanksgiving either for this holiday to be right up on us. Its like everyone is sitting on the edge of a cliff waiting for the other to act first.

  5. Lissa

    The senate is usually the hold up with getting important legislation passed. If, it passes through the house then we have to hold our breaths to see if it will pass the senate, like with health care. I am going to email my senator this article to see what reaction if any I get about citizens not sitting back waiting for them to feel it is necessary to pass important bills. That some are openly putting pressure on them to do so or they risk not getting re-elected.

  6. angryandactive

    Just getting americans to active on their own behalf is a huge chore. Mainly, you have to do all the work, have all the components in place and have it logistically planned out so all they have to do is act.

    The Lou Dobbs thing went well. Glad to have been apart of getting rid of him. He is now moving over probably to Fox where his views are quite welcome. They probably have him co-anchor with Imus. I’m onboard for the boycott.

  7. lookingateveryturn

    It does seem fruitless to shop for Christmas this year. Outside of decorating that’s it for me. I watched my neighbor go through the motions last year and by May they had lost their house. They are probably wishing they had kept some of the money they spent on Christmas. People don’t think much these days. When you have kids you have to. Easy to just go along with the program. Some people who have jobs now probably won’t have them come next year. Nobody seems to know where this is ultimately heading.

  8. Marv

    Was thinking about going back to school. That would require getting a loan. The idea scares me. What if I still can not get a job then how will I pay back the loan? I have friends with student loan debt and it ain’t a pretty picture. They worry all the time plus the student loan folks keep the pressure on. Don’t won’t to have to go to screening all my phone calls.

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