American Citizens Should We Stage A Financial Blackout for this Christmas?

Christmas is suppose to be about celebrating the birth of Christ and helping our fellow-man.  Many American citizens who are not Christian celebrate Christmas.  They like the festive atmosphere, parties and holiday decorations.  We all get sucked into buying gifts and shopping during this time of year.  Why not celebrate this year in the spirit of good will, giving and caring for our fellow citizens along with going back to celebrating in the spirit of the days of our fore fathers?   Let’s all say, hey congress we care even if you don’t seem to.

For this holiday season for the best interest of American citizens struggling to make ends meet, or to get through another day of joblessness and hopelessness everywhere across our nation.  Let’s, the rest of us still surviving the economic crisis throw a financial revolt by not buying into the consumerism of the holidays.  Basically, only purchase what we essentially need and leave the cheap Chinese crap on the shelves.  Beforehand writing or calling congress, making it clear if they don’t start doing something proactive that we can see or approve of to help the plight of ordinary Americans over Wall Street or the Banking Industry then this country can look for other ways to make up for the GDP losses else where.  Hey congress, get it from the banking industry or Wall Street.

The 12 Days of Christmas

  1. Gasoline financial blackout
  2. Credit card revolt (apply for no new cards, pay off balances if you can, tell them you are canceling the account  and cutting up the cardsand if you feel like it, everyone, in mass unison skip payments).
  3. No purchasing of unneccessary junk items for the holidays, especially on Black Friday the day after Thanksgiving.
  4. Real estate purchase avoidance
  5. Utility green days–turn the power down, light candles, light a fireplace, layer up and consume less energy
  6. No stock trading
  7. Bank record withdrawal day (should create a banking paperwork nightmare even if we re-deposit the money on or at a later date)
  8. Mass write congress and tell them what we really think day
  9. Ignore media day prompting low ratings for all networks (turn the tv off for one day during a crucial ratings time)
  10. Drop off all our un-needed and un-used items to local charities that cater to the homeless or that provide, food, clothes or shelter for struggling or poor Americans. Food banks in hardest hit American communities-Detroit Food Bank, Los Angeles Food Bank, Miami Food Bank, Las Vegas Food Bank, Atlanta Food Bank and national organizations Catholic Charities, Salvation Army and Feeding America
  11. Invite someone in need to share the holidays with you or your family.
  12. Give a cash donation to a shelter- Homeless Shelter Directory

During the 12 days of Christmas another American gave to me…food, clothing and shelter, lobbying for me.  Lowering of GDP, stock market crashing with no stock market trading.   Poor media ratings, no unneccessary purchasing and bank withdrawing.  Another day of hope, survival and possible future job for me.  Happy Holidays from the citizens of America!

Spread the word and good cheer!   Click here to view the: During the 12 days of Christmas youtube video.



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34 responses to “American Citizens Should We Stage A Financial Blackout for this Christmas?

  1. TBA

    Yes! No question about it.

  2. Walter

    Being unemployed for a long time and fighting to keep your former lifestyle is a nightmare I wish on no other American. Getting congress to take notice of anything these days but themselves and lobbyist, the little man gets left out in the cold literally. It would be nice to know that others care by the showing of support for those of us who have done all the right things…education, career and achieved our lifestyle goal, to lose it all doing the worst economic downturn of our lifetime. The worst part about it is my education means nothing when looking for work amongst others with the same or more qualifications, and few job positions available. As for the holidays for many of us, it is another season to survive through with not much joy awaiting us or anything to look forward to.

  3. wastingtimenot

    Christmas don’t you just love the holiday season? Pretty much the only time some Americans think of others. Glad you started early putting out the message. Americans now are a pretty strange breed. I’ve read some harsh reads by others who have no clue what it feels like to not have resources. I will start early with the cleaning out of the closets. It won’t be long before someone will be in need of my old winter coat.

  4. Reiner

    Gas prices are already climbing. And, by Thanksgiving food will be sky high. This year there will be more people then ever in food lines for dinner. Shelters and food banks will be in high need of those cash donations. Everyone if you can give now, do!

  5. Sabrina

    Just when I was starting to lose all hope in humanity and then this site comes along. People actually do care and I am in shock. But not enough not to be inspired to take action. I hate to say this but I do have a lot of junk to get rid of. Hey another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This weekend I will herd the family out to the garage to clean for shelter item donations. A three for one. Clean garage and donations to give, plus family time.

    • elise

      I glad you said it before I did. My garage is “hurry up honey close the garage door before the neighbors see the mess”. Hope you have better luck than me motivating the family to help, but you do give me inspiration to try.

  6. Alana

    I get chills when I think about what happened on black Friday last year. The insanity of people walking on someone to get into “Wally’s World”. Or just thinking about the many Americans who line up in the middle of the night camping out to save a few bucks on crap they probably do not know where it is now. It is time we become wise and better use the little money we do have. Everyday with these creative bank fee scams they take more and more of our money while congress does little or nothing to stop them.

    • Carl

      Wally’s world that’s funny I must use that. Good description for Walmart. It was a circus last year on black Friday. Most people go I suspect for their 15 minutes of fame and because they have nothing else exciting to do and want to be a part of something they think is big. The big kick off of their holiday season like the Macy’s parade.

  7. Thomas

    Now this is thinking. Could you imagine the look on the banker’s faces if thousands of their customers showed up to withdraw money? Someone should first alert the media so we can have the full media circus out in front of Bank of America, Chase, Citi and the rest of the big banks that received bailouts. We should hit one a day starting with Bank of America all screaming lower my credit card fees into the cameras.

    • Aaron Bullock

      Just name the bank and time. I’m in.

    • R. Johnson

      Me too. So far this year I have had to credit card increases with no recourse. I am more than ready for this. Just announce the time in advance so we can get everybody onboard to act at the same time. I say we do Bank of America first.

    • angryandreadyforaction

      I’m tired of the games congress plays. It use to be when you contacted these money-grubbers they would pretend to take your call seriously. Now a days, they don’t even pretend. It will take an extraordinary number of folks banning together to give them a wake up call. This and kicking over their apple cart. The bank withdrawal day will get full attention. Imagine you leaving with your own money in your hand saying I am not enabling your abusive behavior towards me anymore. Go find some new suckers to lick. Just one quarter with extremely high profit margin–record breaking losses and their share holders will be kicking down the bank management’s door to get to them, especially if they know why. It’s on us to stop the fleecing.

  8. Darian

    It bothers me that so many Americans are struggling. I read that 7,000 a week were running out of unemployment benefits. If they can not find jobs where are all these people living? You can’t live anywhere in America without money. So the question is how many of these people are being made homeless each week? This is the kick in the head I needed. I’m going to my church this week to volunteer to spearhead a clothing drive. Or in the least to get other members motivated to start early with donations, plus, add this site to the church bulletin so others can become inspired by the outpouring of humanity. Sometimes in our individual group efforts we feel we are hardly making a dent. Whatever each of us does adds to the sum total of the whole.

  9. Nolan Hunter

    Ordinarily I would not participate in one of these. But, now like most Americans I am fed up. I live in one of those ghost communities. Builder sold me early in the developing of the community. They sold maybe 10 houses altogether before the economy went bust. Now, it is just me and one other guy. I hope he does not lose his house. One of us has to be present in our neighborhood at all times or we are subject to both being robbed. At night you listen for every little pin drop so you don’t get home invaded. If he or I gets foreclosed on on then I am ripe for the picking. The media does not began to cover the mini cliffhangers going on all over this nation created by banker greed and failure of congress to produce results that work.

  10. anotherdaynodollar

    I’ve been unemployed for so long I can’t remember ever having a job. The winter months are the worst. You can’t easily get to the library to use the computers because of bad weather. I have sent out what seems like thousands of resumes and still do not have a job. At this point I will take just about anything. My day consist of finding food, going to the library and finding a place to sleep at night that is safe. I’ve got creative with the cleaning myself process. The trick is you don’t let yourself get to bad then you become invisible and inhuman to others then people avoid you. Please donate whatever you can and nothing is too small. A bar of soap can literally bring joy.

    • Brenda578

      I feel your pain but do not lose hope. The winter and holiday season is extremely depressing for those in extreme need. I’m happy you found this site and are aware that everyday people like myself are doing our bit to make life more bearable for you. I will take soap and donate it to as many shelters as I can. The indignity that this crisis has caused so many of our citizens may not be easily repair-able especially those with children going through it along with mom and dad. Thanks for sharing your experience it struck me hard and conveyed a strong message doing something is a lot better than doing nothing.

  11. Dylan

    I must admit I bounce around from blog to blog and I love to read. I have in the past only been capable of posting a smartsy message from post to post. This blog is remarkable. Every article is enlightening and a push for us to be more proactive and take action for ourselves and other citizens as well. We can not continue to sit around and wait for congress to act. We see where that has gotten us. Our citizens in mass numbers are struggling and suffering.

  12. L. Falkner

    During the 12 days of Christmas another American gave to me…food, clothing and shelter, lobbying for me. Lowering of GDP, stock market crashing with no stock market trading. Poor media ratings, no unneccessary purchasing and bank withdrawing. Another day of hope, survival and possible future job for me.

    Everybody sing along…

    Five sorry media outlets, four hundred crying congress members, three closed banks, two out of business retailers, and, all congress members come election time lose their seats…

  13. Michelle D.

    Finally… a plan to begin re-building our country! I think this is a great procedure to get some attention from our “leaders”.
    The hard part is getting the (oh, I’m not into politics) citizens to join & participate…. I’M IN!
    Will post to facebook.

  14. Roberta Hines

    Let the news media tell it the recession is over. But we the American citizens have our own indicators. The fact that Costco is now accepting food stamps says it all. Also, people watch and see how many of us are standing in food lines on Thanksgiving for a meal. American people are living in storage units and in tent cities in record numbers. 7,000 are losing unemployment each week. I’m in for the financial protest and will spread the word. I say let the people become the biggest lobbying group congress has to contend with.

    • Kellie

      My family is one of them that will be in line for food for thanksgiving diner. This is our 2nd year. Both me and my husband lost our jobs. I found a new one that doesn’t pay much. We get by barely. It’s hardest on our kids. They don’t understand why we can’t have diner at home like other people on thanksgiving like years past. We explain it best we can.

    • Karen W

      For the first time in my adult life i use food stamps. At first i would go to my local 24 hr supermarket at 3:00am so as not to be seen. It’s pretty humbling and humiliating. You feel like a loser in some regards. Asking yourself how did i get into this financial mess? Then you think about it and realize if other’s hadn’t been so greedy you would not have lost your job and would not be in need of food stamps. At least I am eating.

  15. Cayle Anderson

    I’m angry. My house is pretty much worth nothing. The half steps and little band-aid fixes our government uses to remedy problems are just another victimization. Case and point, only 36 million will be covered in the health care public option out of 300 million Americans. What’s the percentage margin, small. At some point if we don’t stand up for ourselves, we become invisible. Pretty much at that point now. If one of us is struggling, all of us are. I’m boycotting Black Friday. Thanks for the notice.

  16. Belinda Tucker

    Big bonus bankers take all!

    Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) — In Washington and on Main Street, politicians and voters are railing against Wall Street’s multi- million-dollar pay packages. In the financial world, most executives expect their bonuses to match or exceed last year’s, with 1 in 10 predicting their best-ever payout.

    I’m in for the boycotting!

    • Anderson

      Did you see this?

      The top 10 bailed-out banks — Citigroup, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, PNC Financial, U.S. Bancorp, SunTrust and Capital One – have reported combined profits this year of $13.5 billion in the first quarter, $16.8 billion in the second quarter and $11 billion in the third quarter after a massive $18 billion loss in the fourth quarter of 2008.

  17. Michael

    My unemployment has run out and so has the extension. Right now my parents are supporting me. Still looking for work. As far as I am concerned the recession is not over. I have friends in the same boat.

  18. Mark Mc

    Economists worry that the recovery could falter in coming months if households cut back on spending to cope with rising unemployment, heavy debt loads and tight credit conditions.

    Your on to something here. If we boycott Black Friday it would make a huge difference for the 4th quarter, especially, if we tell our politicians why. As American citizens we need to get our voices back. How by becoming the biggest lobbying group.

    Why would they pay attention to us after this? Because each holiday season we could tip the scales in our direction by staging boycotts. What do we want? Help for our struggling citizens.

    Oh, and the biggest declines were among banks, energy and materials companies. The banking I don’t believe, but we could certainly, collectively, make that happen.

  19. Sheila Carter

    For all you Americans who have lost your jobs you all hang in there. At least to 2012, when jobs are forecasted to recover.

    It’s only 7.2 million of you out of work. Just a few more people will lose jobs in the coming months. And 364000 will run out of unemployment benefits by year’s end.

  20. Amy

    Does anybody know when congress is scheduled to recess?

    If we plan to make our mark then we have to time it before they take off for recess. Especially if we are planning to place a million calls to Congress made in a (to be announced) set time period.

  21. Elgin

    Went out last year black friday looking for deals got caught in the media plugging the day hype. Not many deals to be found. Went total to about 5 shopping centers and malls and about 25-32 stores. People were crazy at the begining of the the day. By late evening a lot of the stores there was only a few shoppers. Wasn’t stupid enough to camp out waiting for a store to open. Mainly a bunch of crap on the shelves.

    Mostly stuff they couldn’t sell all year and junk from the storage room. Amounting to whatever they could put a sticker or sales tag on.

  22. Tammy G

    My utilities all year have been sky high. Two years ago my governor approved a 12% electricity rate increase. I guess he didn’t see the poor economy coming. This winter I will be stocking up on candles, buying the cf bulbs and keeping the lights off only turning on when need too. Gas bills I predict will be high this year. I’ll turn on the fireplace to heat up the house which does a good job. As for Christmas I am only planning to decorate not shop and invite family and friends over.

  23. Barbara

    I have had enough with going along with the program, but, we need numbers to make this work, for our voices to be heard. We have to be in group form with a high number count. I’m in and I am asking all my friends, neighbors and coworkers too. 2010 can not be another year like 08 or 09 if we start now we can dictate how things will go. Whoever came up with this idea cudos.

  24. Don

    See out website regarding our financial manifesto for national banks and credit card companies. We believe that it is better for one company to go bankrupt than 1 million people. Transfer accounts from national banks, especially BofA, CITIbank and CHASE, to local banks or credit unions, stop using credit cards if possible and/or boycott anything associated with VISA including the use of a VISA debit card. Follow for other links to financial financial resistance and revolt in American.

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