Fox News: Dents in the Armour?

  • Color or Change picks off Fox Advertisers
  • Open Call for Citizens to Take Action against Fox News by filing FCC complaints “Fox Incites News”–millions of complaints filed
  • Obama against Fox News:  White House Communication Director Anita Dunn charged Fox with right-wing bias
  • Newsweek Jacob Weisberg “The O’Garbage Factor”  Fox News un-American
  • CNN Ad Hits Back at Fox News: Distorting, not Reporting
  • campaigning against Fox News because network characterizes itself as “Fair News Network”
  • Sierra Club targeted Home Depot for Advertising support of Fox News
  • Media Matters:  Fox News is now the Opposition Party has exited journalism
  • Daily Kos urges supporters to write Beck advertisers
  • Fox News viewership statistics:  are provided by the Fox News Channel to provide credibility to their news reporting

Fox On Defense

  • Greta Van Susteren on her blog and Fox News program “What unglued everyone?”  We have been number one at 10pm for almost 8 years
  • Glenn Beck assaults on Fox similar to persecution of Jews
  • O’Reilly criticism is unfounded President is treated fairly by Fox News
  • Brit Hume it’s a bad idea to get into a public fight
  • Fox News we want to hear from you… We want YOUR input!  Tell us what you love, tell us what you hate … just don’t keep it to yourself!  Call us at 1-888-369-4762 or email

American citizens if you believe Fox News distorts, incites, misleads or is un-American and operates from a right-wing political agenda, please, contact the FCC and or Fox News today, you make the call, email or complaint. 

Open Call for American Citizens to Take Action 

Here is your complaint form for the FCC, you can voice your complaint against this media outlet’s right to claim legitimacy in presenting actual news or facts or should have a disclaimer stating this network’s programing is editorial and not reporting of actual news.



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17 responses to “Fox News: Dents in the Armour?

  1. Deborah

    Contacted Fox News it is a working number. I knew they were fluffing the numbers on how many viewers watch their programing. It’s hard to believe with so little supporting the Republican party these days that they could have the highest viewership. More false reporting by Fox, that’s news.

  2. Kirsten

    Has anybody seen Fox’s wikipedia page?

    For a laugh check it out. Fox’s logo “fair and balanced”.

  3. comittosomething

    The dents in the armor listed here is probably just the short list. But by far and ongoing assault campaign to be continued. I filed my FCC complaint and have already received a response thanking me for my input. I urge others to do the same. If you don’t do that let Fox hear from you since they are asking for it. Change doesn’t come easy or over-night. Keep up the good work.

  4. Erica

    I love this site! Finally we get to jump in and input as a group of concerned citizens. There is power in number, power in numbers.

  5. rockon

    Oh no, you didn’t ask us to contact Fox News.

    Let’s see how many calls and emails we can flood them with in the least amount of time.

    Here’s my opinion Fox News your programing is nothing close to news or journalism. If I can’t get through on the call line I will put them on redial and email in the meantime.

    Rock On!

  6. I think what disturbs me most about Fox is that
    it really IS possible to wipe out an entire political
    party and therefore the most delicate and important
    checks and balances that maintain democracy just
    by having enough money to buy a television network
    willing to do the anarchical bidding of wingnuts.

    That the majority of citizens don’t understand this
    is exactly what’s happening hardly surprises. It
    only underscores why 77% of all high school seniors
    in a recent Ohio poll were unable to name the first
    president of the United States.

    Thank God Obama is finally saying something in
    defense of the rest of us who don’t want a country
    that’s either left or right, that cares about all of
    its citizens by giving all of them health coverage
    and doesn’t break away from a presidential speech
    to cover a boy in a balloon.

  7. Did I mention how utterly sick Fox makes me?

  8. rockon

    We have been number one at 10pm for almost 8 years… What is Greta talking about during the Bush administration’s reign of terror?

    Proof it is the right-wing propaganda channel.

  9. Allen

    The word is out. I knew fox news and the republican party was trying to bring down the Obama administration. All their minions were touting their version of destructive talk to their fringe audience.

    Media Matters reported Fox News as being the tea parties organizers. Which was so disenfranchised with government. Pretty much trying to incite anarchy. And, Fox News has a right-wing agenda. Who is the right-wing? Republicans. So the Republicans are trying to bring down the Obama administration.

  10. Brian

    Did someone twitter or facebook this yet? If so put up the link.

  11. Mary

    I have heard some of the craziest comments made on fox so-called news, esp from the likes of Glen Beck. No one is against free speech, only blatant lies, which is all that fox spews.

  12. James R

    Until the blogging world expo conference I truly believed people didn’t understand the power of blogging. And some still don’t. What you are doing here says you get it. Similar to the way President elect at the time, Obama used electronic media to further his campaigning efforts.

    When you can get people together in masses without actual public assembly but virtual assembly and rally them towards purposeful causes you truly understand how useful a tool blogging is. This is incredible. Keep this site going.

  13. Christopher

    Love the british spelling of the word amor it is so medieval. Gives the article just the right flair.

  14. Consider Fox Propaganda’s market share. How to reach them has been the problem.

    They are Fox Bots with short fuses, conditioned to respond not with reasoned discourse but with screaming and threatening. Fox Propaganda’s big names are not here to bring peace and order, but anger, chaos, and division.

    Fox Propaganda is not helping to restore our nation’s cultural health. Quite the contrary.

    Let’s finish it and begin the healing. Let the FCC know we want all of our country back in one piece-not a nation weakened and polarized by corrosive ideologues.

    • Eyan

      I don’t think we can reach them if they have been nightly programmed.

      The only thing we can do is make it shameful to watch Fox News especially since they are advocating violence. Put a stigma with the name. So when someone tells you they watch Fox you say OH and back away. Maybe after awhile they will get the message. Who ever heard of promoting a revolution against your own people?

  15. turnthepage

    Bravo! This is punching back, not up or down. We had to listen to this O’Garbage way too long. Even if you don’t watch Fox their news spills over into other publications and broadcasts because they report and focus on creating controversy. A ploy to lure non Fox viewers into the fold and increase rating. We are being constantly expose to it “like it or not”. Point and case, we know all their commentators by name even if we do not watch their programing. Keep punching I’m filing my complaint today!

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