America the Beautiful

While this may mean different things to different people, we can all agree on this point.  This is each of our time in history to contribute to our way of life.  There is no rewind, fast forward or loop– just play and real time.

We can protest, rally, assemble and meet.  In whichever state or whatever places we choose.  All, having different goals and agendas.  No state is the same, and neither are the people who live within the borders.  American people are diverse, unique, different, various, assorted and variant.  There is no set model for the face of America.

No set criteria for the formula to achieve the title of  “great American”.  We can dream the goal and put the plan into action.  Many who have come before us with great contribution have focused, solely, on achieving the objective. They dug in, devoted great time, and put forth tremendous energy in homing their talent into skill.  With no time wasted on preventing others from doing the same.  In fact, they have been the most encouraging to other Americans in aspiring them to achieve greatness.

The clock is ticking away and each day becomes history, but it is ultimately, never too late for any of us– until time runs out completely.  So, don’t waste your time.  For it is the only commodity we never gain back.  Once it is gone… it is gone.

We can achieve,  learn, evolve, and grow.   All putting our unique visions and plans into action.  The collective goal and fundemental reason being, to continue on our legacy. 

Make it happen or inspire it happen, but, Americans, don’t waste your time, preventing it from happening.



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4 responses to “America the Beautiful

  1. Tanya

    The minute we start respecting what other Americans have to bring to the table, the better this country will become.

    If you don’t want to participate in making America great, then don’t stop anybody else from it either.

    Where we are now in this country with what is going on, it will take us all to move this great country forward.

  2. Bobbie R

    There is no set model for the face of America.

    My favorite line in the whole article. Somebody please tell the folks from the south that or where ever the racial talk is coming from.

    The minute people understand that the battle is won.

    • Kevin Martin

      You got that wrong. The right wing political party seems to think it is the face of caucasian Americans. Everybody else is being extended a privilege to be here.

      Just had to say it out loud so people could hear how stupid that sounds.

  3. Sharon Keller

    I believe part of the problem is during the last eight years Americans stopped traveling abroad because of Bush being president and there always being some threat of terror.

    We all got put into the same narrow box he lives in. When we traveled prior to his presidency, we experience different cultures and made new friends. It gave us an appreciation of the diverse world we live in. Now we are just suspicious of anyone who looks different from us or speaks a foreign language. Americans we need to start traveling again.

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