Open Call for American Citizens to Take Action Against Fox News Network, Mark Williams, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh

On September 17, 2009, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, warned of possible violence if the rhetoric wasn’t toned down across the nation. 

House Minority Leader John Boehner, a conservative lawmaker, has spent the past few months trying to harness the anger of the GOP base.  “Boehner said he does believe, we are in the middle of a modern day political rebellion.  American people are saying enough is enough.  They are scared to death that the country that they grew up in, is not going to be, the country that their kids and grand kids get to grow up in.  Americans are rightly scared for their country.”

The Chairman of the National Republican Congressional  Committee, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas, responded to Speaker Pelosi’s plea for responsible de-excalation by saying “speaker Pelosi is right that the people are upset, but it is her own words that continue to fuel voter frustration in America…Voters are justifiably frustrated with Washington”.

We all seem to know where the rhetoric is coming from.  Fox News Network, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs, Mark Williams, Hannity, Limbaugh and O’Reilly have motivated thousands to turn out for tea bag, birther and deather events.

We are asking you, if you believe, Fox News and the rest are major components in inciting our citizens, utilizing, their media outlet as a weapon, to derail peace.  Please, contact the Federal Communications Commission and lodge your complaints today.  Our goal is not to infringe on anybody’s freedom of speech rights. 

However, the question is, whether the words used by them,  are used in such circumstances, and are of such a nature, as to put, us, all, in clear or present danger.  That their words, will incite, substantive, evils against our citizens or president. 

Military families have already taken a stand (please read).  And, we urge other citizens, to do so too–by lodging 10 million (minimum of) complaints.

Here is your complaint form, citizens start complaining, voice your complaint against this irresponsible media outlet today.  To quote our military families “to stop these ongoing, long running, assault campaigns“.


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67 responses to “Open Call for American Citizens to Take Action Against Fox News Network, Mark Williams, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh

  1. pam wright

    I’m there! Fox shouldn’t be allowed to call their programming “news.” “Opinion,” perhaps…but it’s hardly NEWS.

    • Sand In Your Eyes

      we the opposition… have a new elevated status…!!!!!

      per: Nancy Pelosi we are no longer racists!!
      (racist no longer holds the same shock value) it’s time to up the anti….

      we are NOW assassins in wait!!

    • m hansan

      How amazing that Fox is considered to be a forum for conservative commentary rather than a news broadcast, yet a public school teacher instructing elementary aged children to sing in honor and praise of a president whose policies reflect her political views is considered teaching.

  2. Heath Keyes

    The question is…whether the words used by this network, are used in such circumstances, and are of such a nature, as to put, us, all, in clear or present danger. That their words, will incite, substantive, evils against our citizens or president.

    The tension in America has increased tremendously. With citizens bringing firearms out to events, what logically would be the next step if someone disagreed with their viewpoint and they were unstable?

    • nancy kennedy

      I really think that’s what these people want. I lived through 1968…… Martin Luther King and RFK getting assassinated was horrible…and it terrifies me that Obama is so vulnerable…….
      O’reilly and fox news are already culpable for the death of Dr. Tiller, if you ask me.

      • I agree, I also lived through those times and with the blatant racist stoking of Fox’s Glenn Beck, Bill OReilly and Rush Windbag, and Hannity, I agree, In our home no one is allowed to watch Fox (faux) news or any Fox channels ever. It’s a shame because House is on that channel but then if we watch any of it, it’s not helping our cause. The GOP hypocrits had a fit when we called Bush out and (he really did lie) and yet we had to be quiet less we were called “anti americans or bad patriots”…Now “they” do this to one of the most intelligent presidents we’ve had in decades? Shame on those idiots. They have to be that 20% who still think Saddam began 9/11 as Bush told them. Bush divided this country and now the GOP are making it more divided then ever. I really believe the divide is between the racist and the real America. Tillman’s murder WAS caused by Fox’s policies and their allowing OReilly and Rush and especially Beck who practically demands someone harm our president and Beck DID 41 times call for ‘someone to stop Tillman”. I feel Beck is responsible as if he ordered the hit himself. There is a website for signing petitions to the sponsors of beck’s shows and he lost 61 sponsors so far for beck’s racist views. I think all of Fox should be banned and they should lose their licenses to be on air period. Maybe this is extreme, but it is necessary! if not the whole world will laugh at us. BinLaden must chuckle everytime beck, OrEily and Rush are on TV. They make me sick. Shame on them. The whole network is racist murderers. (Tillman)

  3. Maude Cutter

    When you night after news night incite Americans to act, in a way, that is inconsistent to the mainstream of Americans, and, there was a vote already in place stating which way America was heading.

    And, when the majority of Americans were happy with that vote; you simply wait for your turn again, to have America the way you envision by millions like you, casting that same vote, therefore, deciding on the direction. That’s what elections are all about. You do not derail the process for the millions of Americans to have their moment in history.

    Media outlets should just stick to reporting the news instead of trying to change the results of an election.

  4. Ana Evers

    It’s about time. We can not just sit around and wait for violence to happen before we act. We must act now, and act fast. Americans, please file your complaint.

    This is not democracy when our citizens get hurt or are being pitted against each.

    • millie

      I agree with you. Fox need to be fined or taken off the air. It is a shame the things they are saying. The Lies they are putting out there. It is time something is done about them before someone get hurt.

  5. Bill Markinson

    From the statements released by the Republican lawmakers, yesterday which are shocking. Taking no responsibility for the fact ordinary citizens could get hurt. Things will not change unless we take responsibility.

    There is a mean spirit-ness to this all. My feeling is they want to keep it going for as long as they can. The question for us is…do we want 3 more years of this, and it possibly getting out of control?

  6. Karen Taylor

    Rush, Beck, O’Reilly and Fox News are out to do a job. Not sure it is, the reporting of news, or inciting news.

    I agree, neither one of these characters will soften their tone on their own. It is up to us, to put pressure on them to do so.

    After all, we just want a peaceful America. Thank you, military families for taking the lead.

  7. Jay Scott

    Has anyone gone to Mark Williams blog? It’s disturbing. From his site

    “The Speaker is now likening genuine opposition to assassination…”

    It’s this simple. Their base is mainly from the southern states. The education in that region is poor. Logical reasoning is not their strong point. So what will they result to?

    When the fires are being stoked to this extinct, violence will soon ensue.

    Either we stop it from happening, or we sit back and wait for it to happen.

  8. Postman

    I don’t doubt for a minute, like our military families that this has been a carefully orchestrated campaign.

    We are probably just into phase one, as disturbing as that is to think about.

    Without somekind of action from sensible Americans, it could get ugly.

  9. justanothervoice

    We heard what recently happened in Georgia where the soldier was attacked with her little girl.

    The response by the attacker was a racist tirade. Wonder where he gets his news?

  10. tim warner

    Reality is only a nightmare away.

    These Americans who oppose are not just staying in the south. They are on bus going across America. Some exercising their right to bare arms.

    They have a regularly schedule events or recruitings, however, you want to look at it. Some at the events are handing out militia training literature. If this is about peaceful change, then what is the need for the extra curricular activities?

  11. Helen Johnson

    Let me say this…I believe in the right to protest and assemble in public.

    I believe in the right to oppose some of the stuff the government does.

    This is different. You have cheerleaders that clearly have other motives. These people are pawns. I’m sure it is easy to source out the most unstable at these events. None of this stuff is just happening by order of circumstance.

  12. Inasecond

    It’s amazing to me that George Bush could control the crowd for 8 years but this minority leader–if that’s what you want to call him; can’t control republican lawmakers. Isn’t that his job?

    Michelle Bachmann says just as many crazy things as Rush, Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly and Fox. If not worst.

  13. Everet Brown

    The climate in America is not good. I live in a diverse neighborhood. I used to could go shopping, see people out, knod and smile. Now, we just stare at each other, more or less sizing each other up. Trying to figure out what we are dealing with each other. There is no sense of normalcy.

    People are tense. It was so light and airy after the election and people had a positive outlook. These campaigns are taking a toll on us all. It’s negative and not the change we expected.

    • Cari Witherspoon

      I agree with you. We are now second guessing each other. Before we could just openly talk about anything with family, friends, co-workers, now everyone is guarded.

      Least someone doesn’t agree with their viewpoint they are quickly labeled or angered.

  14. Kaye Davidson

    Folks please complain. At the most we will stop the negative flow of information, and in the least we will get Fox News to consider they may be offending a large portion, of potential viewing audience. At the end of the day, it is about the ratings.

  15. Jeff Adams

    In some regions the weather will be getting cold soon enough. Can’t see these southerners coming up north after that.

    Hope they don’t get cabin fever. We will probably see a fury of activity from the disgruntled up until that time period. Just as long as they are talking and not getting trigger happy, fine with me.

  16. rollofthedice

    It’s a powder keg situation. Military families were right to put the lid on their situation. We should follow suit.

    If you get angry enough, you could boil over. With the nightly news poke in the side, its a push. They know it and they are getting orders from their like-kind to do so. The reason violence is continously mentioned is for someone to take the bait.

  17. outofoffice

    If you really want to see where this is going go to the website.

  18. Aaron Hall

    If you get a chance go to and

    A picture speaks a thousand words. Unbelievable, and the articles. There are no words to express.

    Signs bearing the abortion-rights slogan “Keep your laws off my body” or the line “Obama lies, Grandma dies” — Conservative activists are yelling “Nazi!” and “Big Brother!” where they used to shout “Nanny state!” and “Big Government!”

    We’re “trying to evoke the imagery of the counterrevolutionary protests of the 1960s.

    The tactics direct confrontation, community organizing, in-your-face politics.

    We’re having fun pissing people off.

    “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” Get the picture?

    • Antje Post

      I agree! We always have at our disposal the right to not listen.
      Turn off FOX on your TV and on your radio.
      Complain to the FCC
      Write or call your state and federal representative.

      I would stringently advise not to eliminate FOX News. We enjoy the liberties our constitution ensures us. With it comes the responsibility to suffer fools gladly.
      Our right is to voice our opinion and make our stand whenever we are faced with people who get their views from indoctrination. That requires courage. Make sure you have facts and figures at your disposal when entering into a discussion.

      Propaganda is insidious, on all sides. Stay away from it.

  19. Robert Wilkerson

    We all see where this is going. Conservatives want this to go down in history as Obama’s inability to govern the masses.

    This is a history writing session. If they taint this in such a way America won’t see another minority president for at least another one hundred years.

    • Sean

      A lot of us have lived through that era where these kind of actions were common place when you didn’t like the person, message or politician.

      Or all the above. We must all cool down and collect our heads about this.

      Life is not always the way you want and the unselfish thing to do is let this presidency run its course.

  20. whodoicallon

    The headlines coming out today after Pelosi’s plea yersterday have been counter-productive to toning down the rhetoric.

    Just the opposite, they have amped it up!

  21. allforone

    We are heading in the right direction with filing complaints. If one of their dissemination organizations gets slowed down, then the rest will have to watch what they say or do.

    The approach here is good with the questioning…whether the words used by these people, are used in such circumstances, and are of such a nature, as to put, us, all, in clear or present danger.

    That their words, will incite, substantive, evils against our citizens or president.

    Personally, I think they are.

    Rush today: regarding the New York Times article (today): “As Race Debate Grows, Obama Steers Clear Of It.” BS. He’s behind it. He’s promoting it. He is permitting it. He is allowing it. He likes it. It’s chaos. It’s distracting. This is exactly what he wants.

    Could you imagine the impact if some Americans really believed (and some will) that their president was promoting division in America by race.

    Start filing those complaints America.

  22. Terri Butler

    Whatever Pelosi said yesterday must have pissed some people off. They are amping up the base today.

    Every website today seems to have some pro-keep the movement going slant.

    Beck will be in rare form tonight.

    Don’t forget to file your complaint on what he says.

  23. openbook

    No doubt, Fox News is a major component in inciting our citizens, utilizing, their media outlet as a weapon. Along with who they ultimately support.

  24. openbook

    The Southern Poverty Law Center has documented a staggering 926 hate groups operating in our country….

    I’m not thinking all the protest are peaceful assemblies.

  25. Kara Sumners

    Fox News today: Did Pelosi Cross the Line? A poll on their website.

    97% of their views answered… Yes. Pelosi crossed the line and is using fear to counter legitimate opposition. 97% of their viewers.

  26. Asthewindblows

    Left wing Democrats from New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd to former President Jimmy Carter are chiming in to proclaim that critics of President Obama’s policies are racists. Those making such unsubstantiated claims are revealing that they have no substantive response to the arguments of the critics…

    The Tea Party Express national bus tour will host a series of tea party rallies all across the nation. The effort will begin in California and travel eastward, building momentum as the tour reaches its final destination.

    At each stop the tour will highlight some of the worst offenders in Congress who have voted for higher spending, higher taxes, and government intervention in the lives of American families and businesses. These Members of Congress have infringed upon the freedom of the individual in this great nation, and its time for us to say: “Enough is Enough!”

    What could they say to this?

    • Luckless13

      I would like to know just how you feel your rights are being infringed on? Are you reffering to the possibility of having to pay more taxes? I wouldn’t mind if the protests were just “blah blah blah, too high taxes”.

      No, they’re “DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS, ect. ARE EVIL COMMIE MARXIST NAZIS AND WILL KILL YOUR GRANDMA AND CHILDREN! Viva la revolution! Overthrow the government! Second civil war!”

      It’s dangerous. Glenn Beck showed a segment about “dangerous radical left groups” and said they were the Black Panthers, but turned out to be a high school stepdance group. Not to mention the FEMA camps and the “2 million at DC protest”, while it was really 60,000.

      • Chuck

        What I really want to know from all of you saying that the Conservative movement in America right now is racist, using fear tactics, etc. is how is it ANY different from the tactics used by Liberals during the Bush years. I don’t want to hear any “Because Bush was wrong and Obama is right!”. I’m talking about the actual tactics. Joe Wilson was wrong for saying “You lied!”? How is that any different than Bush getting booed by Democrats en masse while in the House making a speech? Let me say that I am NOT a Republican drone. I am a Conservative Independent. I voted for NEITHER of the two major candidates in the last election. I just firmly believe that this is a blatant case of hypocrisy on the part of Liberals. It’s time for a change on the whole. Our liberties are gradually slipping away, and I will say that they have been for a while now, including during the Bush years.

  27. julieat

    The extreme right wing has become desperate and vile in their attempts to overthrow the current power structure. I am amazed at the number of otherwise reasonable Americans that believe the right wing rhetoric. Anyone that does not believe this hate speech is racially and politically motivated, needs to visit my neighborhood. People that voted in this president need to stand up and be heard. The perpetrators of this hatred need to be shouted down.

  28. retired marine

    to jay scott, in my reply that you say that people from the south have poor education and dont make logical reason of things, try spell check next time, even an uneducated and lack of reason redneck like myself from california can spell the word “extent” correctly.

  29. Veteran

    I would counter this with a call for people to boycott the liberal media outlets but I think the ratings would imply its not necessary. What a bunch of idiots.

  30. Jon

    I am a white male living in the deep south. It would surprise you how many Obama supporters there are down here. Fox is preying on the ignorant, and we have a few too many down here. It seems that they use the same tactics that they use in church. Believe what you are told without question. That’s not the American way, that’s the ignorant way. These idiots believe anything that you tell them as long as it’s aligned with their backwards way of thinking, and that’s what Fox relies on. It will eventually get them. There’s no way that there are that many ignorant people in America. There is still a silent majority, but this vocal minority scares all of us.

  31. Indifference

    People we are all Americans, STOP and think. He is just our president for four years until we re-elect him or we elect another. He is a husband, father and brother. If you are a true “right to life” advocate you would know, this is clearly not the answer.

    Fox Nation Moderators Approve Another Death Threat To Obama

    Is anyone available to call the Secret Service? Fox Nation moderators have approved another death threat to President Obama. Almost as disturbing as the moderators’ failure to weed out these comments is the fact that there is no way to contact Fox Nation and ask them to please be a little more careful in their moderating. Or is that deliberate?

    In any event, I reported the comment via the “report” button.” But there’s really no excuse for these kinds of comments to get through in the first place.

  32. paula j

    Filed my complaint today. Great links. You can click on any of them, view the various websites and see what message offends you, and have all the information available at your finger tips to quickly fill out the complaint form.

    Don’t just stop at Fox, if you see any news that is offensive, report it. This is empowering!

  33. Observe the Obvious

    The Republicans started their bid for the next presidency right after Barack won.

    To be a strong contender they have to in Pat Buchanan’s words “bloody him up” thus you now see the campaign. Racial discord is a useful tool in the arsenal, amongst others.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet. Best to nip it in the bud.

  34. I can’t believe this kind of newscasting has gone on for as long as it has…In fact i honestly believe that IF Obama was White President THIs WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING…There is a total disregard for truth and there’s nobody putting these maniacs in check! It’s almost like its a free for all and anybody can pick up the stick.. Lets take our newscasting back people …Not just for this President but more importantly FOR OUR CHILDREN….

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  36. Ryan Graysen

    I don’t know why someone did not think of this sooner. Everybody send the site or fcc complaint form to everyone you know, whichever is easier.

    We can speed up the complaint process if we act by each sending it to our groups.

    Oh, don’t forget to post it to Facebook and twitter.

  37. in it to win it

    Somebody linked it from Obama’s website. Finally we get to fight back without being gutted individually by the media.

    The public’s assessment of the accuracy of news stories is now at its lowest level in more than two decades of Pew Research surveys, and Americans’ views of media bias and independence now match previous lows. . . . Republicans continue to be highly critical of the news media in nearly all respects. Except Fox News.

    However, much of the growth in negative attitudes toward the news media over the last two years is driven by increasingly unfavorable evaluations by Democrats. . . . The partisan gaps in several of these opinions, which had widened considerably over the past decade, have narrowed.

    I wonder why? Why don’t we ask “Mr. Independent” Lou Dobbs. Every network it seems has their achilles heel anchor, commentator, reporter, etc. If nobody trust them, then who do they work for?

  38. Harper

    This is the first time in a long time I have been really scared. The base of the Republican party can’t get to the president, but they can get to anyone of us, at any given time and they are being motivated daily to do so. You really have to pay attention to your surroundings these days.

    These newscasters sit behind their desks all smug and self-righteous amping up the base with these sensationalized newscast, and it is us, ordinary citizens who pay the price. Like that soldier with her daughter just going out for a bite to eat. There goes supporting the economy.

    Some of the illegal immigrants they are targeting are not even illegal. Lou Dobbs is hands down responsible for any attacks on hispanics. It irresponsible for him, to not think of the impact he is having on this community, and it is not news reporting. It’s just dangerous and reckless behavior.

  39. Lisa Butler

    The U.S. government plans to propose broad new rules Monday that would force Internet providers to treat all Web traffic equally, seeking to give consumers greater freedom to use their computers or cellphones to enjoy videos, music and other legal services that hog bandwidth.

    The move would make good on a campaign promise to Silicon Valley supporters like Google Inc. from President Barack Obama, but will trigger a battle with phone and cable companies like AT&T Inc. and Comcast Corp., which don’t want the government telling them how to run their networks.

    Another good deed done by our president for us. I just don’t get why they keep trying to tell us its his policies that are bad when he is truly working hard to make life better for American people.

  40. Yori

    Oops, put my Lou Dobbs comment in the wrong place. Filed my complaint today. We have been complaining to CNN all year about him.

    Glad we can finally have an impact on how news will be reported. They can blow off one of us, but millions, and it is a different news story altogether.

    What number count are we up to? Anybody know? Doesn’t matter just keep filing complaints.

  41. Nancy

    America, do you think we can make this go viral by middle of next week?

    I would like to turn on any media station on Thursday and see a different kind of news reporting. For me it is not just Fox although they are the worst offender. But quite a few of the newscasters on various stations, sit smugly while they change peoples live’s sometimes for the worst. As an American citizen these days you can go from having a private life, to being, splattered on every news station and the internet with people openly discussing the private details of your life.

    To the media, after you report the news people have to live in the world you create for them.

  42. Thomas Alder

    Fox News Wants You To Send Them Instances Of Media Bias

    Yes, you heard that right. If you see something fishy on the news, Fox News Watch wants you to send them an email. So let’s say you see something fishy on a news network that brags about being “fair and balanced,” you can report it at

    The Open Call for American Citizens to Take Action Against Fox News Network, Mark Williams, Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh

    The news of it is all over the web. The fact they are asking for feed-back already the complaints are working!!!!

    Lou Dobbs is also under pressure today. Wolf and Cafferty are both talking “just blame the media for everything”. No that’s not the case, we just want less opinion and more news.

    There’s another site going directly after Rush.

  43. Bill White

    I see they reined Lou in tonite. Just watched the lead into the show. No anti-immigration crap. Got to hand it to him trying to put a happy face on it.

    He can only spew his racist remarks off camera and among his family and friends if he has any. Waiting to see how O’Reilly fairs, missed Beck.

  44. Yes we can

    Maybe, the next time the president wants to talk to school children Fox will air it, along with his addresses to the nation.

    He made the rounds Sunday everybody but Fox. Obama knew it would be less about health care and more about Acorn. Only reason they would want him on the network is to take turns taking shots at rendering him ineffective as a president.

    Fox News has been trying to control the presidency since Obama took office. As if the president has to pander to them.

  45. Garret Morsen

    Fox wants us to contact them about the slip-shotty news reporting they do. That’s golden.

    Yeah, I believe we are making impact. Let’s see how long it last.

    Fair and balanced news–I needed a laugh today.

  46. Rare Form

    Lou Dobbs looked real uncomfortable today. Noticed everybody on CNN were on there best behavior.

    Producer probably told them to stay cool so they could pick up Fox’s viewing audience and up their ratings.

    I can’t believe we put up with the media’s antics for this long before finding solution. Better late than never.

  47. Elizabeth Hastings

    If anybody is looking for work you may want to check with the Federal Communications Commission. With all the complaints they are getting I’m sure they may have to hire new people.

    Hey, America we are creating our own employment opportunities. That’s change we can believe in.

  48. Mitchell Lang

    Just what I love about this country, the people. Americans will support each other for a good enough cause.

    I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. The American media has almost become the nat’l inquirer. Digging and prying, with no regard for the people they are targeting, other than to get the big scoop. Saw this open call all over the web, however, not one mainstream media outlet reported it. Why because they are the scoop this time.

    Vultures, point and case; Elizabeth Edwards I betcha they can’t wait to shove a mike in her face and turn the cameras on, to ask her, about her husband’s affair. Anyone with an ounce of decency would leave this woman alone to enjoy the rest of her life, instead, of tormenting her. Come next week at least one of these outlets would have already attempted it.

    Keep filing those complaints America, it is time to change the behavior of our media.

  49. Eyan Warner

    At this point the Republican party should be concerned about the message being put out there that people connect to their party.

    Anyone above a second grade education, I could not imagine any of these people from Fox News appealing too. Glenn Beck is mental illness with a mike.

  50. Lil

    The base of the Republican party are the voters that will vote Republican no matter what. Outside of that demographic because of the direction this party is heading; people who in the past could partly identify with the message, can no longer.

    You have all these theorist with a bunch of different messages that are all over the place. Orly Taiz the birther, Mark Williams the tea bagger, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Joe Wilson, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity with the racist message, and it goes down hill from there and the list goes on and on. The problem is, there is not one message and all the messages are extremist in nature.

    • Rob

      That’s what everybody keeps saying. You hear it over and over again.

      I think we have just reached the point in history where this party has become obsolete.

  51. Rmarie

    This is “not” news and if allowed to continue should produce a disclaimer before the show. A lot of people think he is licensed and he is not. People should be aware of what they are being feed. Therefore, a warning will be in order. It’s a disgraceful program. However, we are all entitled to our opinions.

  52. Spoon959

    Glen beck need to be forced off he air he is trying his best to Start a civil war if they let this clown stay on the air talking this bull crap that’s what is going to happen he needs to go now right now he makes me mad as hell

  53. Chip Nary

    I find the ole’ saying;
    Everything I accuse you of being and doing, I am and I’m doing it to you.
    Try it when you listen to their propaganda machine. I am sorry to see how many people fall for their totally distorted reality. They have really dumbed down and well armed a lot of folks. Very Scarey.
    I want my altruistic, forsighted, we the people for the people, country back from the rich bullies and their misguided loudmouth angry people.
    We have to remove their mouthpiece of lies and misinformation and get down to taking care of ourselves. They should be required to broadcast only the truth from an unbiased point of view to their audiences to educate them as to what is really happening. They must help to calm things down NOW

  54. The sort of propogander Fox News is putting out is scaring people to death and they are either afraid or too dumb to realize this is the idea behind Fox. The Federal Communications Commission should jerk their license.

  55. Linda Keeling

    I live in East Texas where Fox “news” is the local channel, and the radio has four hours of Rush and four hours of Glenn every day!

    You can not have a discussion about government because most poeple have only one sided opinion. It is truly frightening how unaware they are as to what is truly the issues that need to be discussed, particularly in health care. Most are concerned about is the “death panels”, “increased insurance cost” and all the scare tactics of Glenn and the other “reporters” .

    This is the danger of Fox news they thrive on the fact that people trust that if it is said on the media it most be true and when there are no other options they have a captive audience for their lies.

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