the future of the GOP, RNC and Michael Steele

Is Michael Steele the new face of the RNC, and the progression of the Republican Party, mainly, put there to attract minorities to the party, or is he the stereo-typical token?  Haven’t we seen characters such as this, through out history;  same make up just a different name?

What happened to Alan Keyes, and  J.C. Watts? 

Bigger question is what will happen to Michael Steele after the “party” is over (his reign)?

Tell Michael Steele what you think about his efforts to attract more minorites, especially, since the base of his party is rallying to derail that effort.   Let him know, if, his efforts are working and what he can do, email  Michael Steele and please call, write or fax at 202.863.8500 or the Republican National Committee , 310 First Street, Washington, D.C. 20003, phone 202 863-8500 | fax 202 863-8820.

Particularly, ask him about possibly censoring Rush Limbaugh , Call Rush at 1-800-282-2882, write 1270 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020 or email ElRushbo (, to improve relations between the GOP and minorities.  And don’t forget to ask, what the GOP’s plan for pathways for undocumented immigrants, to become part of America is?

Michael Steele in a nutshell:  

You made the comment at the convention about the lack of diversity.  And your response was candid, and not to your party’s liking…
” I looked at the people who gave me the flack and said, “What’s the problem? Am I wrong? Only, thirty-six black folks in the room?  Out of 4,000 people?”

Why do you think the Republican Party lacks diversity right now?
“We have offered them nothing!”  Impression we’ve created is that we don’t give a damn about them or we just outright don’t like them. That’s does not help a political party. I think the way we talk about immigration, the way we talked about some of the issues that are important to African-Americans, does not attract.

The reality of it is… electing Barack does not necessarily change the underlying concerns and issues related to race. On one level it does, but I’m still a black man; when I walk in a room (Is he talking about those within his own political party or Americans in general?), people have attitudes about black folks. I can’t change that.  I have to deal with that reality regardless of RNC chairman title.

There are people in this country (Is he referring to Obama, Biden,  Pelosi, Clyburn, Reid and Hoyer, or, Wilson, Bachmann, Boehner, Price, Gohmert?) right now who would look at Barack Obama and still refer to him as “boy.”

After sending your emails and calling, please share your experiences.



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10 responses to “the future of the GOP, RNC and Michael Steele

  1. AnotherDay

    Funny, but head-on. Called the RNC and ask some hard questions. Kept relating the tone of the party to Rush amping up the crowd and race baiting.

    I was told he only appeals to 50% of the party. Could tell there was a level of uncomfortability. Ask, how could you appeal to minorities with all the race baiting going on? Was directed to websites.

  2. Ami2392

    The comment Michael Steele made about Jimmy Carter’s comment was way off base. He is out to do damage control today.

    He, however, never addresses the teabaggers, birthers and deathers, or the rhetoric they promote at the events.

    Whose sponsoring these events Michael?

  3. Lance W

    Would not dare call Rush. Wouldn’t expect civility. Perhaps, I will write with no return address, so, I can say what I would like and not have to get a return response from this creep.

    The more we expose their viewpoints of being out of the mainstream the better for everyone. Keep chipping away America, keep chipping away.

  4. ChangeYourTone

    Wow, where do I start? This party is going no where fast and everybody knows it. The media panders to the crazies and keeps the drama going for ratings.

    Michael Steele I just don’t get. He does pick and choose his battles. Deep down he knows he will not have any effect on bringing anybody on-board. It’s a pay check, for him. Maybe, after this is over he may be able to write a few colorful books with his stories of how he was treated inside the party.

  5. zoie

    Called the RNC didn’t know Politico was their baby. Heard it on the automated menu before choosing options.

  6. RachaelDane

    Michael has a tough road to tow. It’s as if they are doing their best to sink his ship.

    My personal feeling is they don’t want minorities. They pretty much said that already when they elected to choose pursuing the white vote. Michael Steele never commented on that.

    Went to Limbaugh’s website for the first time; what a train wreck. The homepage was such a turn-off couldn’t go any further. Contact Rush, only on a bad day when I need to vent.

    Don’t worry it may be coming soon and I can’t wait to let him know how offensive and repulsive his kind of rhetoric is and the negative affects it has on society.

  7. TimforOffice

    What happened to Alan Keyes, and J.C. Watts?

    And the others this party has used up and thrown away.

  8. BrendaWrigh

    I went to a Republican event, a couple of time. The one in particular, was a congress member I had worked with in the past.

    Was invited to the function. Got there and it was a different story. You would think I was robbing cars in the parking lot the way I was treated. People were openly hostile towards me and I am a pretty conservative looking, professional, black woman. I left early, did not go inside, even though I was meeting another colleague there. The atmosphere, just was not nice.

    My question is what are they trying to extract minorities for, abuse?

    • Chris

      The Republicans have come to understand that minorities who vote are a growing demographic. However, rather than intelligently addressing issues that might concern members of minority groups, the GOP prefers to use tokens and cheap theatrics (e.g. Michael Steele’s bid to appeal to young voters with a new “hip-hop” image) in their bid to attract those votes.

  9. nell

    Michael is not dumb, he knew when he took the RNC position, he was a token. I know he feels bad, but can’t say anything against the base. Republicans, I can tell you one thing, when this man goes home at night, he is cursing all of you. He should just resign, yes where is Watts and Keyes?

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