Joe Wilson the Saga continues…

Despite the recent developments in congress with the formal admonishment;  South Carolinians still don’t get it.  Some of his constituents want to pin a badge of honor on him for his ill behavior during president Obama’s speech.

What can we do?  Continue to call South Carolina department of tourism and tell them we won’t be vacationing in Hilton Head, Murtle Beach or Charleston any time soon.  Citing Wilson’s outrageous behavior and lack of deceny as being the reason why.  Need the number?  Telephone 1 803 734-1700 or email   After about 100,000 calls, they will get the message.  Hit’em in the Wallet!



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5 responses to “Joe Wilson the Saga continues…

  1. EverythingPolitics

    Called the S.C. tourism depart., surprisingly they took it seriously. I guess there are other ways to skin a cat.

  2. JohnH H

    Will not be going to South Carolina no time soon. If they can not muzzle their congress members or school them to have respect for others.

    If this is their congress member’s behavior what can I expect from the rest of the people?

  3. Crazy888s

    No, name ain’t for hitler. South Carolina is one of those states of, either, you like it or you don’t.

    There is a huge lifestyle difference between the races. You can tell the education system is poor by the way they butcher English. But, parts of the state is geographically beautiful. What’s up with the “south of the border” region?

    Never could figure that out. You’ll should visit just to see that, but, after all this blows over.

  4. RhondaBates

    My experience too when I called. Stated I vacation, shop and sometimes eat there, but, will no more until they straighten out their congress members.

    To think they were patting this jerk on the back for this type of behavior. Keep patting and kissing tourism money good-bye South Carolina.

  5. simonsays

    I can tell they are getting a lot of calls on this. The cust. serv. rep sounded exhausted and really empathetic. I know she wanted to say something else to me but couldn’t.

    Keep callin folks, its working.

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