Breaking News!

While some may think ordinary citizens taking action, may not work, however, there is always an exception to every rule.

We slowly picked off Glenn Beck’s advertisers by writing them our feelings regarding his network and this commentator’s promoting of hate and divisiveness.  There was one sponsor, for some, who didn’t garner much attention.  We were so used to seeing their advertisings.

One of our supporters went to the Fox News website and noticed the Army ad and wrote the Department Of Defense.  We are proud to say, not only did they pull advertising, they also, blocked Fox News at military installations, as being, a restricted site.  One giant step for human-kind. 

We invite you to join in and help us, to continue, to fight those who want to take America in the wrong direction.  While this may be a small feat to some, but, in the least, our military members, worldwide, can continue to think of America at home, as being, the United States.

Just pick a post, comment, click on a link, and write, email, fax or call for change.


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8 responses to “Breaking News!

  1. Carl Falkerner

    This is good news. Wondered how our military members were perceiving the teabagger, birther, deather, whatever new term is being used to describe these people who are opposition of our Commander and Chief.

    There is real danger in the information being put out, in hurting our national security. Our military members think they are defending the United States, not divided states. Some of these soldiers are little more then young adults. How can they process all this and fight too?

  2. Sean Procter

    Been waiting for Fox to get hit with something big. While the advertisers of the Beck show departing may not have affected them, this may.

    We will wait and see. With these rallies though they can just go head hunting for a huge replacement audience.

  3. Dalia Armstrong

    When you have a military member overseas it is always hard. When you talk, they want to catch up on what’s going on back home. After you talk about personal stuff, you usually get into the reason why they are away from home to begin with by talking about America.

    They want to hear about progress. Lately, with the news coming out, there is nothing progressive. The racial climate here does affect the racial climate there. Let one soldier watch Fox News and hear the disturbing talk about race, or see the pictures of the president in disrespectful ways and they have reservations about what they are fighting for, or may feel they can disrespect him too.

  4. janet buckley

    This is wonderful, but Beck needs to go. How does our govt or FCC allow him to use the airwaves/a news show on cable tv to promote his own agenda? I think he has mental problems and he’s taking our country in the worst direction possible. He must go.

  5. Rami Ortez

    Ok, this is exciting. Finally, it came back to them. Can’t wait until the real viewer numbers come out to reflect their loss. This is a huge audience. I bet you, they ain’t advertising this.

  6. Ronald Smith

    When I was stationed overseas this station, CNN and our local broadcast was all we could get. People would stay glued to Fox. Sorry, it took them so long to realize how damaging this station is for military morale.

  7. Terry Allen

    This is a major blow. Too bad we can’t pick Rush off too. With the army Captain going to court citing some of the nonsense off Fox News; this probably had some damaging affect too on this network. What’s next? Actions do speak louder than words.

  8. vagabondsaint

    Source please! And this is excellent news! You brightened my political day!

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