September 2009 the Short list

1.  Health care– For it or against?  Keep contacting your congress members.  Is the gang of six–Jeff Bingaman (D NM), Kent Conrad (D ND), Max Baucus (R MT), Olympia Snowe (R ME), Chuck Grassley (R IA) and Michael Enzi  (R WY), part of the problem or solution?  Or should we take a closer look at the blue dog democrats?  (see the list)  Send them inquires regarding where they stand on health care,  along with, your opinion regarding the health care issue.   If you can not reach them by email, then fax or phone them.

2. Glenn Beck-The Fox News team; the Glenn Beck boycott,  how’s it going?  Visit for details.  Or contact Glenn Call toll-free nationwide: 888-727-BECK or by email Glenn Beck:  The Executive Producer and Head Writer for the Glenn Beck Program Stu:

3. Joe Wilson-Apologize to your colleagues in congress.  Contact South Carolina department of Tourism to voice your opinion about visiting this state, or not, at 1 803 734-1700 or email because of this congress member’s behavior. 

4. Kanye West-Continue to purchase his cd’s or boycott?

5. Teabaggers, birthers, deathers-Are they fringe?  Contact their leader Mark Williams who is the front man for organizing these events at, or read his blog  Don’t forget to tell him what you really think.  Source out who else is onboard or funding these events.


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  1. Tech Talker

    Great! Clicked on some of the links so I could email some of these people on the short list. Particularly, Mark Williams, thanks.

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